Starting a new endeavor is typically difficult. You’re excited to get started and have all kinds of ideas in mind as to how you can be successful in this, seemingly all in different directions.

If you’re like most people—you’re fine for the first couple of days, maybe even weeks. Things start to slow down and you lose motivation to continue, eventually having this new endeavor die out. You struggle to find this motivation again. You accept failure and go about your life until it happens again. It sucks.

But, what if you could do something to combat your mind trying to have “motivation” kick in so that you’ll get serious about what you’re working on?

Instead of focusing on motivation, focus on clarity.

Typically the reason you can’t get completely invested in a new project or even a new lifestyle is because it’s not completely clear what you should be focusing on next.

A plethora of ideas come to mind when something new comes along, hence building that excitement (aka “motivation”) that gets you hooked and obsessed with what you are tackling. The only issue there is not typically having a clear direction of what you need to do to get you to your goal the quickest.

The solution is to filter, focus, and plan your ideas.

Take those great ideas you have and filter them out into smaller, more actionable steps. Focus in on what’s most crucial and important to your success and/or productivity and plan the best approach to attain that success.

Afterwards, you’ll naturally have a plan of action and a sure way to feel motivated and productive to keep pursuing that new endeavor that will make an impact in your life and/or the life of others.