Resources I reference often and recommend to others for certain topics and mediums.



Google's reference guide for designing applications for Material as well as how they approach design systems

A website I reference often when I am looking to see what cool new websites are out there for inspiration

A website showcasing what's trending and creative in the web design world

One of the foundational references for product designers in my opinion, contains Apple's guide to design

A tool for referencing and making collections of current design patterns from the most successful products

Write-ups and blog posts about design, interiors, architecture, fashion, and art 

One of the leading blogs for learning about detailed topics relevant to tech practices and skillsets

A typography reference, showcasing what is trending in type and how to use type correctly

Interviews with high-level IC designers, getting their perspective on craft and career paths


Covers the design process of IDEO, including their philosophy with a ton of real-world examples

Explains 125 foundational concepts of design that come together to make great design happen

Covers a key to leadership of bringing your full self to work and genuinely caring about others

Netflix's Chief Talent Officer and her approach to building a culture of freedom and responsibility

Helps designers communicate with stakeholders while balancing business and design priorities

Provides tactics to help teams do more research with less. Great for smaller teams and first designers.

An incredible introduction to the world of management and how to approach the hard parts

When others ask about how prolific I am, I send this book. Shows how to share work, no matter your level.

Eye-opening book around how creative work is all recycled in one way or another

A book about getting the right things done, rather than focused on getting things done quicker

Blogs & Articles


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