I'm Dennis Cortés, a designer that codes, teaches, and makes music.

I currently lead the product design team at Mothership, produce music as Cordio, share thoughts on my blog, make products at Trademarked, make design and music tutorials, and run my Patreon.

I've been designing for 8+ years and coding for 4+ years. I specialize in design, mainly working in product design for both the web and mobile apps. I have extensive experience with both visual and interaction design, design systems, user research, branding, shipping products, React, CSS architecture, and component systems.

I have produced 9 albums, blending elements from electronic, ambient, jazz, lofi, and hip-hop under the alias Cordio. I also design album covers, mix and master for others, and make music for films, shows, and podcasts. Listen to all my music anywhere you stream music, or snag some on my Bandcamp.

Through my Patreon community I create detailed tutorials on design and music production, offer my source files, music breakdowns, and more! I also curate inspiration through multiple blogs including Illustree and Calligritype.


Design Work

While most of my work can't be shown publicly (hooray for NDAs), here's some of my design work that I am able to share.


My Portfolio

Most of my work can't be shown publicly, but anything I have been able to share can be seen here including both work and side projects that I've shipped.



My current full-time job, where I lead the product design team to ship things. I've worked on the brand, marketing site, and the product while hiring a design team. We're currently building our new product and system from the ground up.



A previous full-time job, I worked on everything from our website to our product. I shipped many features at Dave including a brand new design system, Dave bank, advances, our first web app, a new user onboarding, our marketing site, and more.



Nice stuff for nice people with character. A line of minimal clothing my girlfriend and I work on and maintain together.



A previous full-time job. Most work I did is under NDA, but I worked on their new website as well as worked on projects with Google, Facebook, Uber, Keller Williams, Prudential, and more.


Taste Notes

My personal blog about coffee methods, roasts, and shops that I've tried and rated. Designed and coded by yours truly.


The Gift Atlas

A collective gift giving guide tool to help others buy the perfect gift for anyone. A side project designed and coded by yours truly.



A tool that creates randomized prompts for artists and illustrators to use. A side project designed and coded by yours truly.



A product that aims to replace those crappy existing internal school systems. I worked on this as a product designer back when I used to work at MetaLab.



A product that helps contractors get accurate home reports and track their projects. I worked on this as a product designer back when I used to work at MetaLab.



A fun experiment and attempt at making a resource for remote workers that I designed and coded.



A life-tracking tool I was working on that ended up being too advanced for me to create alone.




A place where I used to house all my side projects. Obsolete now, but still love the site I designed and coded for it.




A resource and showcase for illustration inspiration that I started back in 2013.


The Rate of Change

My personal blog that I've written 100+ articles for over the past few years.



A blog curating the best inspiration of lettering and type on the internet that I started back in 2013.


Uncle Kragers

A salsa tracker app for homemade salsa in Nashville that I designed at one of my first design jobs in 2014.


Twelve Ounce

Coffee subscription app for unlimited coffee at coffee shops in Nashville. I designed everything from the app to the illustrations, even down to the internal dashboards for coffee shops.


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Dennis Cortés
Designer that codes, teaches, and makes music