• I released a new Figma YouTube video, How to Mask in Figma Full Guide
  • Wrapped up high fidelity direction for a referrals project I've been working on at Mothership this quarter, preparing to present to stakeholders this coming week
  • Got to work on some illustrations for our new mobile app at Mothership
  • Coded a 2FA postcard for us to use with API for users to confirm their identity with us as another authentication method at Mothership
  • Created my first NFT this weekend called Outtake 1, you can get it now on Foundation


  • Started working on the music video and social posts for my new ambient track Dayspring, releasing next Friday June 4
  • Started 2 new tracks for my ambient album that I am planning to release this summer

Home Decor

  • No updates this week! Have a couple DIY projects in progress but not ready to share just yet.


  • Watched Love, Guaranteed with Dallas on Netflix, couldn't even finish it because it was so awful though
  • Found this great music video from Mild Monk called Little Paradise
  • Came across this inspirational video on a day in the life of Tony Anderson, an ambient music producer. Takes a bit to get past his style of humor but once you get over that a lot of what his says really resonates with me personally.
  • I've been listening to a lot of ambient music lately as I work on my own ambient album and came across this great playlist called Cloud Gazing on Spotify. Highly recommend it for background noise to focus to!


Took some time to reset my mental state this past week. Like I mentioned in last week's post, I had been feeling pretty overwhelmed with life and didn't have much of a sense of direction. I had ideas and goals overall, but I had no plan for them and always treated my goals as a thing I'd get to "some day".

Happy to say I came up with a great plan and prepared myself well to start working on my goals that I've been putting off. I did research on different productivity systems and ways to set and achieve goals and came up with a framework that I felt worked best for me.

Afterwards, I consolidated my goals into 4 main areas and created scheduled blocks for each throughout the week that I want to work on. That way when I have blocks of time I'm not aimlessly trying to think of goals to work on—I have a set time and task list that I can reference each time depending on the block that is scheduled. Finally, I also revamped and organized both my Things and Notion workspace to be focused on my new schedule and goals.

  • Worked out 7 times this week
  • I was online 42.7 hours this week, mostly in Figma and Slack. 96% of my time was productive.
  • I walked 31,251 steps this week, for an average of 4.5k per day
  • I slept 47 hours this week, for an average of 6.7 hours per night
  • Reset my entire time management system and schedule around my new goals as mentioned above
  • Had an intake appointment for therapy to go over my struggles and goals for therapy to get matched with a therapist, I have my first appointment with them next Wednesday. I also scheduled 2 other therapy appointments to see if I can find a match for the type of therapy I find the most helpful (this is your friendly reminder to find a therapist!)