• Worked on finalizing wireframes and starting high fidelity designs for my Q2 project at Mothership this week, presenting to all stakeholders outside of my team next week
  • Streamed 2 times on my Twitch this week
  • Edited and released a new video where I react to my old portfolio from college and give some tips on improving portfolios while roasting some of my old designs haha. Watch the video here →

Home Decor

  • Was debating on getting rid of my bookshelf and replacing it for another, but decided to give it a try under my new wall shelves that I put up. Going to give it a couple days before I decide if I want to keep it there!
  • While putting up my new shelves, I accidentally knocked down a different shelf so I need to put that back up this coming week ?
  • I'm planning on moving the pegboards I have on my accent wall to the middle of the wall for better visibility between my 2 monitors for work and for gaming
  • Dallas and I got a new dresser and built it this past weekend, only took us 3 days to do it (lol) but it looks great in our bedroom! Nice to finally be able to relax in our room and watch TV or play video games together before bed or on a lazy day.


  • I released a new single this week! This one is called Heart Beat and is available anywhere you listen to music. You can find a link to stream it here, or you can purchase it on Bandcamp here.
  • I also released a music video for my single Heart Beat on YouTube, you can watch it here →



  • Worked out 3 times this week
  • I was online 39.9 hours this week, mostly in Figma and Slack. 96% of my time was productive.
  • I walked 32,456 steps this week, for an average of 4.6k per day
  • I slept 48 hours this week, for an average of 6.9 hours per night
  • Booked my first therapy appointment in 2 years, happening next week!
  • Been feeling very overwhelmed by life lately and have been working on a reset. Planning to share next week what I end up doing in case you are curious!
  • Went to see my partner Dallas' family this past weekend for the first time since being vaccinated
  • Got to see my best friend from college this past weekend