Some marketing material for Taste Notes' website
  • This past week at Mothership I've been working on finishing up the main flow of our new mobile app we've been working on. We presented our progress to all the main stakeholders last week and things are going great so far.
  • Made the final touches on the Taste Notes marketing website to launch later this week
  • Worked on the Taste Notes review flow and profile view, trying to figure out the best information to show for our private beta in a few months but the style of the app is starting to come together
  • Made some small UX improvements to my website this past week

Home Decor

SÄLJAN Countertop, oak effect/laminate, 98x1 1/2 "
Tabletop for my new desk I'm building, will be 8'2"
  • I had originally decided I was going to build a full wall desk for my office but have decided against it now that I have both a work setup and gaming setup in one place
  • Purchased this tabletop and some legs from IKEA to build my own desk for my dual setup—design and code work as well as a gaming setup
  • Setup Dallas' new desk and started to plan the layout for her office with this new desk


  • I submitted 2 new tracks this week to streaming services, they will be releasing later in April
  • My plan is to have a new single every other week that releases for the forseeable future, working on getting that ramped up currently
  • Improved my Music page's UX to surface new music


  • Dallas and I have been watching Good Girls recently and I highly recommend it if you're into action dramas. Has just the right amount of comedic relief and suspense as well.
  • Dallas and I started watching Food Wars, a new anime about cooking. The show reminds me of a Shonen, except there is no fighting or anything, they just use cooking skills to compete in these "food wars". The show it fun and doesn't take itself seriously at all which reminds me of one of my favorite animes, One Punch Man.


Next PSA order, so many gems ?
  • Got my next Pokémon PSA order ready to send off
  • Ordered Dallas and I's new PC to start streaming some games for our new YouTube channel we are making together
  • Worked out 3 times this week
  • Went to get an MRI for a mass in my shoulder but got rescheduled to next week
  • Have been reading Get Your Shit Together this week
  • Finally got around to going to the Tennessee DMV to get my car registration transferred from California, also switched over to new insurance as a result (I somehow pay more here than in Los Angeles!)
  • Trying out Verve's Sakaro coffee roast this week through Drink Trade