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  • Made this Logs page a thing on my website ?
  • Recorded 4th video in my building Taste Notes video series for my YouTube
  • Starting to post on Taste Notes' Instagram @tastenotesapp
  • Worked on more visual design iterations for Taste Notes review flow
  • Added some foundational components to Taste Notes design system
Some visual explorations for our review flow
Some of the components I got done this week

Home Decor

Sneak peek at some office progress
  • Hung my IKEA pegboards and added initial layout idea of pegs for them
  • Hung my poster collection (used restickable tape but might swap to frames instead)
  • Bought a new coffee table for our living room, we didn't like the one we originally got so going to try putting that one in my office instead.


  • Finished 2 new tracks (debating whether to release an album or just a bunch of singles)
  • Got a bassline back from a friend for a track temporarily named Leafler
  • Got melodies back from my friend Alexandr for a collaboration on my ambient album that is in the works


  • Watched Your Name this past Sunday for Valentine's Day. Incredible animation and story, highly recommend!
  • Dallas and I are currently watching Your Lie in April. Having grown up a classical musician myself (viola/violin mainly), it's really touching to watch the story of this anime unfold.


  • Worked out 4 times this week
  • Got an Aeropress last for Valentine's Day so have been trying out new methods each day to find my favorite
  • Reading Show Your Work this week