• Was on vacation this past week so took some time away from Mothership work to reset and recharge!
  • Recorded, edited, and uploaded a video of my Tesla Model 3 rim upgrades! It's available now to watch for all Patreon members here.
  • Figma released a ton of new things at their event Config this week, I'm currently working on a video breaking down everything that's new for my YouTube channel
  • Dallas and I have started streaming on our Twitch account and have already had a few of you show up to support, thanks so much! We'll keep streaming a couple times a week both together and separately, I'll be improving our lighting and stream layout each time as well.

Home Decor

  • We finally bought some pillows for our living room couch, picked them up from World Market here
  • We added this runner rug to our upstairs hallway
  • We added these mirrors to our upstairs hallway
  • We added a tapestry (was on clearance at TJ Maxx lol) to our upstairs hallway
  • We bought 2 snake plants, a monstera, and a Chinese money plant to put in our living room and offices from a local plant shop here in Nashville


Kiosko jewel case promo image
  • I released a new single this past week called Kiosko! It's available on all platforms, you can find a direct link here as well
  • I submitted a new track to streaming services called Distanced, it will be out and available everywhere on June 25th, 2021 but you can pre-save it here


  • Watched a bunch of stuff while on vacation this week for a change!
  • Watching Haikyu on Netflix thinking I'd never enjoy a sports anime, but currently on S1 E8
  • Watching Bridgerton on Netflix, currently on S1 E9
  • Started watching Carole & Tuesday on Netflix, currently on S1 E4
  • Tried watching The Way of the Househusband on Netflix, really enjoyed the concept but couldn't really get into the anime style unfortunately
  • Watched Accepted on Netflix for this first time
  • Watched NiNoKuni, a new Studio Ghibli movie. Pretty good overall but would give it a 7/10 because of the way they wrapped up the ending of the movie, still recommend if you love Ghibli movies!
  • Watched Crazy Stupid Love
  • Watched Friends with Benefits
  • Watched Moxie (so good)


  • Was on vacation the past week to visit my partner's parents and take some time to myself
  • Worked out 3 times this week
  • I was online 21.2 hours this week, mostly in Ableton and YouTube. 92% of my time was productive.
  • I walked 36,278 steps this week, for an average of 5.2k per day
  • I slept 38 hours this week, for an average of 6.3 hours this week
  • Went to the doctor this week for a physical, working on a dietary treatment for chronic joint inflammation
  • Had to return my glasses that I got recently because of their size, have ordered new ones that I'm waiting on to fix my prescription and hopefully my headaches