Work Tools

Gear, workspace, and furniture I use for my home office to design and code

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Macbook Air 13"

My personal laptop I use for design, code, gaming, freelance, music, and personal projects.

Logitech Vertical Mouse

My work mouse that I use at Mothership at my desk setup. I have bad wrists so this really helps out.

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Macbook Pro 16"

My work laptop that I use at Mothership for design, code, and administration work.

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Airpods Pro

My choice of headphones when I'm not making music. As a musician I highly recommend the sound quality.

Space Gray Magic Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard that I use at my home setup. I love the small form factor, aesthetic, and customization.

LG 5K 27" Monitor

Monitor I use at my home work setup for design and code. Absolute favorite monitor I've ever used, plus it has a camera for easier video calls.

11" iPad Pro

Tablet of choice to use for sketching, note taking, research, and non-design/code work.

Apple Pencil 2

A must-have accessory for any iPad Pro users. Great for sketching and taking notes.

Supreme Pelican Case

For the top of my desk at home, I put all my desk supplies and necessities in here to keep my space organized.

IKEA Holmo Floor Lamp

I have 2 of these, one on each side of my desk. Super affordable while providing a nice, soft light to work in.

IKEA Säljan Desk

I ordered this tabletop in the 8ft variant and some legs and built my own custom desk to house both my work setup and gaming PC setup side by side.

IKEA Skadis Pegboard

I have 2 of these up in my office to display my music and office gear when they aren't in use.


Dennis Cortés
Designer that codes, teaches, and makes music


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