These are the things I use and love in my personal and work life. Many folks are always asking about what I recommend so thought it would be better to collect these in one spot for easy access.


Stuff I use almost every day in my personal life

Tesla Model 3

My daily driver car and personal project that I work on in my spare time. I have the base model with black interior.

iPhone XS Max

My phone and OS of choice, I prefer the larger form factor of the Max model and upgrade every other year typically.

Apple Watch Series 4

My smart watch and fitness tracker that I use. Love the new form factor that came with this iteration.

Gucci Bee Card Wallet

Small but stylish wallet that makes it really easy to carry. I don't really carry cash so this works for me.

Field Notes

Great way to take notes and sketch on the go. Great for those times you have random ideas you need to jot down.

Weekly Planner

While I do use a digital calendar and todo list, having a tangible planner is rewarding for me to plan my weeks out.

Incase City Backpack

Super comfortable backpack that I use for travel and work, fits more than you'd expect.


Gear and workspace stuff I use for design and code

Macbook Air 13"

My personal laptop I use for design, code, gaming, freelance, music, and personal projects.

Logitech MX Master II

My personal mouse that I use on my setup at home when I'm at my desk. Lots of nice extra features.

Macbook Pro 16"

My work laptop that I use at Mothership for design, code, and administration work.

Logitech Vertical Mouse

My work mouse that I use at Mothership at my desk setup. I have bad wrists so this really helps out.

Airpods Pro

My choice of headphones when I'm not making music. As a musician I highly recommend the sound quality.

Dell P2715Q Monitor

Monitor I use at my home setup for design, code, and gaming. Great for the price point.

Dennis Cortés
Designer that codes, teaches, and makes music