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Log Mar 28 to Apr 3

Recap of my past week including my YouTube and streaming schedule, progress on my new office space, and Spring cleaning

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March 28, 2021No Comments

Log Mar 21 to Mar 27

Recap of my last week including my new dual desk setup progress, a new EP album from me, Yamabuki Pokémon, and new YouTube videos

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Log Mar 14 to Mar 20

Recap of my last week including the release of my next EP album, updates to my site, additions to my home office, and my next Figma video

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March 17, 2021No Comments

Log Mar 7 to Mar 13

A recap of my last week including launching Taste Notes' website, recording 2 new YouTube videos, and getting my gaming PC

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March 7, 2021No Comments

Log Feb 28 to Mar 6

Updates on what I did this week including buying my new PC and desk build, finishing the Taste Notes website, and finishing 2 new songs

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February 28, 2021No Comments

Log Feb 21 to Feb 27

Updates on what I did this week including working on Taste Notes website, my new design systems YouTube series, and some PSA Pokemon cards

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February 21, 2021No Comments

Log Feb 14 to Feb 20

Updates on what I did this week including design systems for Taste Notes, design videos for YouTube, and new music tracks

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