• Wrapping up my Q2 project on referrals at Mothership before I head out on vacation next week
  • Presented high fidelity designs to internal stakeholders to gather feedback
  • Worked on redesigning our referral emails based on new branding and email systems we've developed together with our marketing and product teams
  • Mothership's product team is meeting up in Austin, TX the week of June 14th so I've been in charge of helping plan the itinerary for that week
  • I uploaded How to Put Music on Streaming Services without a Record Label to my YouTube channel
  • I recorded 2 videos this week—first impressions my new Moment lens and tips for typography in product design


  • I released my new ambient song Dayspring this week, you can listen to it on any streaming service or find a direct link here →
  • I uploaded a new music video for my ambient song Dayspring, you can watch it on YouTube here →

Home Decor

  • Finally took the time to move my pegboards to the middle of my office accent wall
  • Started to propagate our plants to add some more greenery throughout our house
  • We got Dallas a wicker shelf to use as an altar in her office



  • Worked out 3 times this week
  • I was online 48.1 hours this week, mostly in Figma and Slack. 97% of my time was productive.
  • I walked 33,303 steps this week, for an average of 4.8k per day
  • I slept 44 hours this week, for an average of 6.3 hours per night
  • Reorganized my Things and Notion for my YouTube complete with tables to track the status of each of my videos, outline templates for my videos, and tables for tracking what shots I need to film still
  • I worked at a coffee shop for the first time since COVID lockdown started this week. Was weirdly nostalgic for me as I used to work at coffee shops almost every day back in college, I missed it!
  • Took a day to shoot some photos using the new Moment lenses I got. At first was just to get shots to put in the video review I am working on but it's been very therapeutic as I used to be really into photography back in the day but slowly lost touch with it. It's motivated me to take photos again and I'm looking forward to my Austin trip to try take some more photos while I'm there