• This week we launched Taste Notes' marketing website! You can sign up for our private beta and email updates at
  • In accordance with our launch, I made a bunch of marketing images to post over the next few weeks as well
  • I recorded 2 new videos this week, Coffee and Beats 002 and going over how I organize my Figma files. Hoping to have them edited to upload one this coming week.

Home Decor

  • My new gaming PC got here and is all setup and ready to go! It's in a temporary setup until my new desk gets here next week but planning to start streaming with my partner Dallas on our Twitch account a few nights a week.
  • Ordered 48 (!) foam pieces to put up on the walls in my office to help with noise reduction for videos and streaming that I am starting to hang up
  • My new desk gets here this week and I will continue to film the process of creating my new office dual setup to upload once it's all complete. Will most likely be in parts since I still have a ton to do in my office.


  • Wrapping up a song currently named "Monstera", hoping to submit to streaming services next week
  • Worked on a few new tracks this week, working on some lofi music as well as some experimental ambient music


  • Still watching Food Wars, still obsessed with it. Highly recommend if you love anime and/or food!
  • Been battling with trying to figure out a goal and journaling system that works for me (after about 10 years I still can't figure it out), I recently found this video from Elsa Rhae and it's promising to be not a ton of effort while still being useful. We'll see how it goes.
  • If you didn't know, I've been collecting Pokémon cards for as long as I can remember but it's been cool to see the recent resurge in popularity over the past year or so. This video from Hypebeast called Why Your Pikachu and Charizard Cards are Worth Over a Million Dollars gives a great view as to why and how this resurge has happened.


  • To be transparent and vulnerable for a second, I've been dealing with an incredible amount of chronic body pain in my wrists, back (I have a herniated disc), neck, and shoulders for the past few months. It's gotten pretty bad recently so I'm trying to manage that while maintaining my work and ventures outside of work. Massages, baths, and ice are really coming in handy lately.
  • A couple of weeks ago my massage therapist found a mass in my shoulder. I've been going back and forth finding a doctor and now have an MRI scheduled to get it checked out this coming Wednesday that I'm a bit nervous about.
  • Given the above, I took it a bit easy this week and have been trying to give myself more time to rest. Hoping I'll be able to get ahead again more next week!