• I’ve been editing my Figma file organization video, finishing it up to go live next week on my YouTube
  • Made a ton of small updates to my website this week including updating my work section, adding a new photo, and improving the UX of my Tools page and flows
  • Had to take off Friday from work this past week as I pinched a nerve in my back while working out on Thursday, has been really hard to sit up or even walk the past few days so trying to take it easy overall

Home Decor

Milo already loves the rug (this setup is temporary til I build my new desk)
  • My new rug and my KRK monitors (speakers) came in this past week, excited to open them on camera for my office makeover video
  • My new desk got here and just waiting for the legs to come in. They were supposed to come in this past Thursday but of course they are delayed. They are expected to come this next Wednesday and then I’ll be able to build my desk! I’ve been working on a home office makeover video for the past few months and this is the last thing I need to finish the video.
  • I installed acoustic foam throughout my office so there is a lot less echo for videos and streaming


  • Finished 4 new songs
  • I have a new EP coming out! I just submitted it this weekend, it is called Mindfulness and will be releasing on May 7, 2021.


  • Dallas and I finally finished all the seasons of Food Wars that are out on Netflix, such a great anime. Excited for when we can watch season 3!
  • Have mainly been watching YouTube videos lately instead of shows because I usually only have 10-15 min breaks. YouTube is great for some bite size humor or motivation. Some of my favorites lately have been this 3-way Pokémon series and Mod Musings channel to get me inspired for my home decor videos.


Latest PSA submission
  • Submitted a new PSA order this week! PSA recently changed their pricing model so I have to send 10 cards out each time instead of 20 as it is double the price, but I’m excited to get these back in a few months
  • Worked out 4 times this week (pinched a nerve doing a deadlift on Thursday though so that was fun)
  • Got a new coffee scale this past week from Timemore that I posted on socials, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new one
  • Follow up on some health stuff from last week, I have an appointment to go over the results of my shoulder mass MRI on Monday. Here’s to hoping everything comes out clear.