Just a quick heads up that I was on vacation last week and didn't work on much so I decided to not post a log for that week, hence the missing week!


  • This week I visited the Austin, TX Mothership HQ and worked with the rest of our product and design team to come up with our goals for the next year. We spent time brainstorming what is the most beneficial to pursue for our company and distilling these high-level goals into actionable steps for the upcoming quarter (Q3 2021).
  • I documented my whole trip to Austin, TX and went over specifics of what we did together as a product and design team (releasing a vlog over the next few weeks at some point). It was such a fun experience to see everyone in person for the first time ever (due to COVID), we got to work on a lot but also take time to work on team building and getting to know each other on a deeper level. I left this trip feeling more driven and inspired than before and am excited for what's to come for us at Mothership!
  • I finished and uploaded my new video for Patreon members this week. I purchased a couple items from Moment to up my video game for YouTube and my music and recorded a video going over my impressions of them. I picked up the Moment iPhone 12 Mini case, Telephoto Lens, and a Macro Lens. I'll be posting this video for everyone next week, you'll be able to see some of the test photos and videos I took as well!


  • I released a new single this week called Astra, a laid back piano track with light textures off of a new album I am working on. You can stream it here or purchase it on Bandcamp here to support!
  • I created a music video for Astra that I will be releasing next week
  • I spent some time deciding the order of tracks on the 2 albums I am working on, hoping to finalize mixing and mastering this week so I can release them for you soon!

Home Decor

  • Dallas and I decided to purchase a Purple mattress this week to help with chronic back pains that her and I suffer from. We've heard the best about Purple of all the mattress companies out there so we're hoping this will really improve our quality of life!
  • Cleaned up and organized my office with some new plants and decor before I left on my trip.


  • I watched all of season 1 of Attack on Titan this past week while I was in Austin, TX. I've been meaning to get into this anime for a while and am really glad I did, it's one of my favorite animes I have watched in a long time (I'd say My Hero Academia is a close second). It has so many twists and turns throughout the plot and keeps you on your toes the whole time with a dark undertone to it. Highly recommend!
  • I started watching Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon this week and was pleasantly surprised with it. It's a pretty light-hearted anime overall, loosely based on dungeon RPG games with the anime undertones we know and love. Almost done with season 1, highly recommend as well!
  • Dallas and I watched Falling Inn Love this week, a Hallmark-esque Netflix original romantic comedy. It's pretty good overall if you enjoy cheesy movies like Dallas and I, hard to come by new classics these days but this movie will help us hold out for the next classic. Recommend watching with a significant other or if you just want a feel-good romance movie.
  • Finished Night in The Woods with Dallas, still as good as I remember!


  • Worked out 3 times this week
  • I was online 26.2 hours this week, mostly in Figma and Slack. 95% of my time was productive.
  • I walked 51,620 steps this week, for an average of 7.4k per day
  • I slept 45 hours this week, for an average of 6.5 hours per night
  • Grateful to Mothership for flying me out to Austin as I had never visited. In my off time I was able to try out a ton of great food spots and coffee shops. Had so much fun!
  • We got a new black short-haired kitten named Gigi this past week! He's 2 months old and is already best friends with our Whippet Milo. Still working on introducing Gigi to our older cat so we'll see how that goes.
  • I had last week off for my partner's birthday and spent time in Nashville doing a "staycation", visiting all the spots in Nashville that are new since we moved back from LA. Was great to spend some dedicated time together where I wasn't having to worry about work. Reminder to take time off for yourself!