• Posted a new Dribbble shot of some improvements to Mothership's marketing site
  • Our fourth designer started at Mothership this past week so outside of design work my focus has been making sure she is setup for success
  • Edited my first video in my Building a Design System series on Taste Notes
  • Uploaded said video (goes live this week, up early on my Patreon now)
  • Made promotional material for Taste Notes marketing site launch this week
  • Put Taste Notes on it's production domain
  • Pushed some code updates to Taste Notes' website
  • Updated descriptions on all my YouTube videos to have more digestible and important links and information
  • Made some navigational improvements to my website and added a Logs CTA on my homepage

Home Decor

New living room coffee table from Wayfair
  • Our new coffee table got here
  • I started weighing down the sides of the wood I bought to build my full wall desk to help with some minor bowing it has, hoping that's fixed for next week so I can start the build process
  • We got Dallas a new desk from IKEA, doing the classic Alex drawers with countertop as a desk since she already owns one of their drawers, should be getting her on Wednesday


  • Made 4 album covers for singles that I will be releasing in a few weeks
  • Made some small edits to the next single I'll be releasing


  • Dallas and I are finishing up Your Lie in April. We have 3 episodes left that we've been putting off just because it's so sad.
  • I've been really into watching horror games lately, just recently watched TheRadBrad play through Little Nightmares 2 and The Medium
  • Been playing a lot of the new COD Cold War lately, don't ask me why but I've been enjoying the multiplayer a lot


One of the orders I submitted to PSA, look at all those Charmanders!
  • Worked out 2 times this week
  • Sent out 2 new PSA orders this week for some of my Pokémon collection
  • Finally went to DMV after moving to register my Tesla in Tennessee thinking that my insurance would be less... but it's not ?
  • Have gotten into cooking a lot since quarantine started last year, made this incredible Beef Bulgogi Bowl recipe that I highly recommend this past week