• I posted my newest video, How I Make Coffee: Simple Pour Over Method (Coffee and Beats 002) which is the second part of my Coffee and Beats series which shows me making coffee with some new unreleased Cordio music
  • Edited and uploaded the Part 2 of How I Make Design Systems from Scratch, it is available now here to Patrons and available on Wednesday for everyone
  • I added a section to my music page featuring all my upcoming music, including pre-save links to get a reminder when each of them drop! You can see it live here →
  • We kicked off our Q2 goals at Mothership this week including wrapping up some designs and documentation for our new mobile app
  • I updated my Tools page, adding some new photos I've taken and 2 brand new sections—Gaming and Coffee. You can find all the items I use (still adding a few others soon) for each on those pages!

Home Decor

  • Working on finding some frames for the artwork I have for my office to add art to my setup walls
  • Dallas and I ordered this comforter cover for our bedroom
  • Next to find is a dresser for our bedroom, let me know if you have any recommendations!
  • Planning to move the pegboard I have up to the center of my accent wall to better fit the space


  • I submitted 2 more tracks to streaming services! Dayspring is an experimental minimal track fusing sounds from around my hometown and me playing guitar releasing on June 4th, 2021. Astra is a lofi-piano-synth track releasing on June 18th, 2021.



  • Worked out 5 times this week
  • I was online for 47.7 hours, mainly in Figma and Slack. 96% of my online time was productive.
  • I slept 46 hours total this week, averaging 6.6 hours a night
  • I walked an average of 4,477 steps this week
  • I finally ordered a new pair of glasses to fix my prescription, I think this was the reason I've been having headaches daily the past 2 years
  • Dallas and I got our second dose of the Pfizer vaccine ?
  • Dallas and I started to cut gluten and dairy from most of our diet this week (for health reasons), going well so far!