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Get an in-depth review of your portfolio from someone who interviews and hires designers day-to-day. We'll create next steps and prep you for interviews.

$129 per person, 50% off for students

A great place to start if you've never used Figma or are in the beginning phases of using it. We'll go over best practices, a tour of Figma, features, and questions.

$129 per person, 50% off for students

Learn to strategically think about design systems from a high-level suitable for scaling systems over time. You'll learn tips for creating and maintaining design systems.

$129 per person, 50% off for students

Learn how to effectively create interfaces and components using Auto Layout. You'll learn to create responsive, scalable UI with a take-home example.

$129 per person, 50% off for students

Learn about the transition from IC to manager or leader at a company. We will go over where to shift your focus, how to level up, and take your career to the next step.

$149 per person, 50% off for students

Learn how to step up your visual craft with actionable steps and best practices. We'll go over how to develop a taste and bring better perspectives to all you do.

$149 per person, 50% off for students

Mentee Reviews

Dennis is a super down-to-earth designer who is a great listener and provided me with some excellent feedback and food for thought. I was curious to learn more about how he chooses the companies he works for and she shared a lot of interesting insights. He is super knowledgeable about startups, how they work, and is an excellent resource when it comes to career direction. Thanks again so much for your time Dennis!

— Vitaliy Gnezdilov, Design Director at The Digital Collective

Highly recommend Dennis as a mentor! He is very genuine and supportive. He listens to your questions and gives you a lot of actionable pieces of advice accordingly. For mentees who want to learn visual design, who are interested in working in a startup, and who are the only designers at a company, I highly recommend you to talk with Dennis.

— Susan Du, Freelance UX Designer

I enjoyed getting advice from Dennis about pivoting into different careers. I was previously in the design space but I stepped out to get in the tech industry. Got great feedback on my website and what I needed to do next to get my foot in the door. Definitely uplifted my outlook as I continue to pursue my endeavors to get back into creating!

— DeAndre Holland, Freelance Digital Designer

Dennis is so open and generous with his expertise and experience! We ran through some designs I'd been stuck on at work (I'm a junior designer and also the only one at my company), and he gave me great, actionable advice for how to improve my designs. He also gave me super helpful career advice and insight around moving between roles, and the benefits of solo designer status vs being surrounded by other designers.

— Brooke Rosenthal, Product Designer at Assembly


Who are you?

I'm Dennis, a designer with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. I am currently the Head of Design at Northstar. You can learn more about me here, or see some of my free educational content on YouTube.

What deliverables do I get after the session?

After our session, you will receive a personalized recap including an outline and recording of the call for reference. The outline will include what we spoke about in our call, action items for you, and resources specific to the topics we chatted about.

How do I sign up as a student for 50% off my session?

Before you book a session with me, send an email to hi@cortes.us with proof of being a student or educator. This can be your student ID, your school email address, or anything else you believe counts. I will send you a link to sign up for a student session afterward, within 48 hours.

How do I cancel or reschedule?

When you book a session, you will receive an invite in your email (check your spam just in case) with instructions to cancel or reschedule in the event details. If you cancel, you will receive a refund in a few business days after canceling.


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